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We are not people who touch each other carelessly; every point of contact between us feels important, a rush of energy and relief.
- Veronica Roth, Allegiant (via pureblyss)


Naya Rivera for Women’s Health November 2013
Some hearts understand each other, even in silence.
- Yasmin Mogahed (via laurenarlene)

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L is for laid back. Photograph by Noa Griffel, 2010
Bright sun, blue ocean and a bikini — a beautiful summer moment.
I want a life that sizzles and pops and makes me laugh out loud. And I don’t want to get to the end, or to tomorrow, even, and realize that my life is a collection of meetings and pop cans and errands and receipts and dirty dishes. I want to eat cold tangerines and sing out loud in the car with the windows open and wear pink shoes and stay up all night laughing and paint my walls the exact color of the sky right now. I want to sleep hard on clean white sheets and throw parties and eat ripe tomatoes and read books so good they make me jump up and down, and I want everyday to make God belly laugh, glad that he gave life to someone who loves the gift.
- Shauna Niequist  (via creatingaquietmind)

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Natasha Poly photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris October 2014


[by Corbin Gurkin]